Nothing is original.
  1. Taco Bell but better!
    Some would call this Chipotle.
  2. Taking different colored or patterned pieces of fabric and hanging them on windows!
    Those are curtains.
  3. An iPod but bigger!
    That is an iPad.
  4. A website like Facebook, but only statuses!
  5. A movie about a girl named Ruby Tuesday who helps famous bands and is in love with one bands lead singer!
    The literal plot of Almost Famous.
  6. A book where teens are sacrificed as part of a public ritual and one character volunteers for it!
    The literal plot of The Hunger Games.
  7. A way to send letters electronically!
    That is email.
  8. A hooker, but instead of having sex, clients pay me to listen to their problems and help them find solutions to them!
    Therapist. That is what a therapist does.