For you @lilydiamond. There are plenty of fish in the sea. There are also plenty on Tinder. Also thinking about making this a tumblr?
  1. This guy.
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  2. And this one.
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  3. This man and his biceps.
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  4. This fellow.
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  5. This homie.
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  6. What are you implying sir?
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  7. I am supposed to believe you're not a serial killer?
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  8. "If you think this fish is huge wait till you see my penis!"
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  9. This smiling chum.
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    Chum. Haha. Fish pun.
  10. You know he loves to fish because of his hat.
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  11. This chill bro.
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  12. This fine specimen.
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  13. So which guy are you?
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  14. "Girl I will buy you diamonds shinier than this animal I just killed."
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  15. So tender.
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    Side note why isn't there something like Tinder but only for cuddling called Tender? I think I just made a million dollars.
  16. So many things aren't working here.
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  17. Is that a fanny pack?
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  18. This smug mug.
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  19. 100% going to kill me.
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  20. This cubby bear.
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  21. A guppy in the streets and a shark in the sheets.
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  22. This man who is not messing around.
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  23. This guy who's dad is jealous.
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  24. This shady baby.
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  25. This multi-tasker
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  26. This charming chap.
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  27. This smiling sport.
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  28. Hold me like you hold your fish.
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  29. "For you, my queen."
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  30. Bonus: not a fish. Equally as important.
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