It was the best investment I could have ever made.
  1. I can literally talk to anyone.
    I have no fear of interacting with people or talking to them. Bonus points: I can usually interact and relate to them.
  2. When if comes to jobs, I can "act like I know what I'm doing"
    This is a quote from my dad, who also has a theatre degree (as does my mom). Basically what it means is that I am fully confident no matter what I'm doing, and that means I learn faster.
  3. I can think on my feet
    More attributed to improv but you get the idea.
  4. I can work with any personality type.
    Do you know what a fucking melting pot the theatre is? People come from all elements of life, and you learn to adapt to all kinds of people and their quirks.
  5. I can write.
    When you spend 80% of your time reading plays, it's a natural progression.
  6. I'm a fast learner and I can memorize info like nobody's business.
    There just isn't a lot of time in the process of rehearsing a play. You have to do the work and do it quick.
  7. I know how to deal with assholes.
    Cause actors are the biggest. And directors are even bigger. Don't get me started on producers. This is all said with love by the way.
  8. I have no fear.
    I have stood onstage in my underwear, gotten stabbed (once literally, long story), dry humped an English professor, and so much more. I have no fear. Or pride?
  9. I have basic sewing skills.
    Thanks costume shop!
  10. I have basic carpentry skills.
    Thanks scene shop!
  11. I could probably draw a basic to scale drawing of any building.
    Though I wouldn't do so willingly...thanks scenic design! Though full disclosure, there would probably be a stage somewhere in that building?
  12. I have a greater understanding of people.
    The depth of a human being is incredible.
  13. It ignited my passion to tell a person's story.
    Especially because so many of us don't get that opportunity.
  14. It was fucking fun!