Brinley (male, 17) and Bobbie (female, 14) are my unofficial baby brother and sister. I play multiple roles in their lives; older sister, mother, drill sergeant, and taste maker. That last one's a lie
  1. I used to babysit Brinley all the time, and once when he was 4, he asked if he could have dessert before dinner. When I said no, he got inch away from my face and said "Gimme the cookie or I'm puttin you in jail princess."
  2. Once a road trip, my aunt Maura started yelling at a driver who cut her off with a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Bobbie goes, "mom be nice. He thinks Ron Paul has a chance at being president."
    She was 6.
  3. Once when I was babysitting Bobbie she was throwing a tantrum and I asked her if she "wanted some cheese with whine" and she was like, "YES I WANT CHEESE"
  4. One time I made a carnival for Brinley and my brother, and I put food coloring in a bunch of liquids and made them try and guess what they really were for prizes. Brinley tried the red ranch dressing and was like, "it's ranch dressing. What am I, an idiot?"
    And then I tried to give him a prize, and he told me he didn't deserve one for basic knowledge.
  5. Brinley and I always watch cake boss on TLC, and we imitate the brother and sister who always get into crazy fights.
    One time at the beach on a family trip we got so into our fake argument someone called the cops.
  6. One time Bobbie and I were waiting for my other cousin Maggie to come over, and she turned to me and yelled, "QUICK WE GOTTA WATCH SOME TRASH TV BEFORE MAGGIE GETS HERE AND MAKES US DO CRAFTS!!"
    This is perfect logic to me.
  7. Once a month, as a joke, I send Brinley his own school picture.
  8. He always sends me this picture back.
  9. Brinley is obsessed with their rescue lab Stella, and he sends me pics of her everyday like this
  10. And this
  11. And this.
  12. Bobbie also sends me pics.
  13. She is unashamed of who she is.
  14. They came to visit me in Chicago and were game for everything.
  15. Even the weird experimental show I took them too because I wanted them to have a cultural experience.
  16. Bobbie was super chill when one of the actors took all his clothes off even though I think it was the first time she saw a naked man.
  17. Neither one of them told my aunt that I took them to a show where a guy got fully nude.
  18. Did I mention they have seen every play I've ever been in? Including Hamlet which was like 3 hours long and they were like 11 and 13.
    When I asked them what they thought of it Bobbie said she "Almost understood it!" And Brinley "like the sword parts."
  19. They are super supportive.
    How my family shows love...
  20. In conclusion, I love them!