If you're a normal dude with an actual picture of what you look like please find me on Raya.
  1. Sunglasses dude
    What are you hiding behind those glasses? You look like a cop.
  2. Dude pictured with 7 other dudes
    Not very many girls on Tinder looking for a gang bang. Identify yourself.
  3. Male model dude
    We get it. You're hot.
  4. 2005 dude
    Update your damn picture. I don't care what you looked like in high school.
  5. Private plane dude.
    People who actually own private planes don't need to post pictures of them.
  6. Dude with Tiesto
    Let me guess... "He was the nicest guy ever"?
  7. Dude with hot chicks
    I just love a guy who is always pictured with other girls. Swipe left.
  8. Dude with his dog
    Stop trying to be cute. I'm not going to fall for your dog. Bestiality is gross.
  9. Artsy dude
    I could not care less about your weird black and white photo of someone (may not even be you) blurry from a mile away.
  10. Dude with cigarette
    All I see when I look at you is a man with a tiny penis in his mouth.
  11. Hipster dude
    Judging by your hat and your flannel, I would guess you live in Silverlake and eat a lot of macrobiotic food. Cut your man bun if you want a chance with me!
  12. Actual eligeable dude
    Is anyone out there?