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  1. Plain ole hotel buffet
    The best part of a buffet is how the normal rules of dining go straight out the window. Would you have have nine courses at home? No. Would you mix five different types of meat and fish in one meal? Probably not. But that's exactly the beauty.
  2. Finger buffet
    Everyone knows the canapé is the queen of foods and, while I particularly enjoy cooking a mixed tray straight from M&S, they're undoubtedly best when all lined up in beautiful order on a conference table with some tiny little sandwiches thrown in for good measure.
  3. Cold collation
    The key to a CC is right there in the name: cold. This is the meal you eat on Boxing Day or for a Saturday lunch. A wide range of cold meats, pickles, cheeses, crisps, baguette with butter and marmite, crackers, grapes, cut up apple, maybe a pita bread with humous or taramasalata if you're feeling exotic.
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  1. This Morning
    Undeniably the best daytime offering. It's on for a substantial amount of time, has a real pick & mix of subjects and Phil and Holly are like the hot parents of your friend that you have sex dreams about when you sleep over at their house but they're so lovely and funny you don't feel awkward about it at breakfast the next morning.
  2. Loose Women
    Pretty much the only show on TV that women over the age of 50 are allowed to show their faces on which is a win in my eyes.
  3. Bargain Hunt
    This programme makes me despair for humanity. Do you really think that 1995 IKEA toast rack is going to fetch £25 at auction, Sue from Guildford? It won't but I'll enjoy watching your disappointment.
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  1. Marks & Spencer
    An assortment of sandwiches, crisps, drinks, small salads, pork products, Percy Pigs, Walnut Whips etc etc etc. I'll probably eat all of these in the car on the way home from the airport.
  2. Pret à Manger
    Hoisin duck wrap, green tea & peach, love bar. Done.
  3. Chinese takeaway
    I could go easily to a Chinese restaurant here in Modena but it's just not something it feels right to eat abroad (unless you're in China obvs).
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  1. 15.
    Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
    A much less memorable part of their comeback than the Tesco Christmas ad
  2. 14.
    Let Love Lead The Way
    This song is just plain old shit, sorry girls
  3. 13.
    Viva Forever
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Plus probably 1000 more, these are the ones that came to mind now
  1. Madeline
    The first film I saw in the cinema. So good I cried when it was over because I didn't want it to end. For years people told me I looked like Madeline which gave me unbelievable amounts of confidence. Mads taught me to be tough, to fear nothing, to love nuns and to always have a hair clip on you.
  2. Grease
    As @sherriandrew will never let me forget, Grease was 'the sexual awakening of my youth' (well, one of about 600 and counting). I have never truly been feelin' myself as much as I was as an 8 year old seductively singing 'feel your way' with one leg propped up on my bedroom door frame, being caressed by my own podgy hand. Rizzo also taught me about slut-shaming which, as we can see, was probably a good thing.
  3. Grease 2
    When Grease had sufficiently awakened me sexually, Grease 2 was right there in the other half of the VHS case, ready for my feminist awakening. I have never aspired to be anyone more than Michelle Pfieffer's character: one bad bitch who doesn't give a shit about the supposed T Bird 'ownership' of the Pink Ladies. At the end of the day, we're all just looking for our Cool Riders, no?
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My thoughts, feelings and emotions
  1. Belgium
    Big fan of the Hama Beads themed lighting
  2. Czech Republic
    This song rhymed and then didn't rhyme and then sort of rhymed and I was confused
  3. The Netherlands
    If Paolo Nutini was more country and had creepy guitarists
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  1. Are there other sports than Quidditch?
    Because one sport for all the magical folk in the world doesn't really seem adequate. Centaur racing? Enchanted rhythmic gymnastics? Just like running, maybe?
  2. Were there any background checks before the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
    Because I can't join a yoga class without completing a 4 page health questionnaire yet they threw 4 kids into a lake without asking if they could swim first.
  3. How did Harry learn to swim?
    I can't imagine Petunia taking him to the pool on a Saturday morning.
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  1. 1.
    Clear frontrunner. I'd rather go naked than without cosmetics.
  2. 2.
    Extremely necessary for my jeans needs and would reliably be able to source nice outfits from here too.
  3. 3.
    Very much to my personal taste. The only place I can purchase a wide range of floaty patterned dresses.
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Lucky I had my Excel spreadsheet to consult
  1. 1.
    The corpse of a Tibetan woman is found with a foot cut off. This was the episode where I learnt that foot fetishes exist because the part of your brain about feet is next to the part about genitals. Thanks for the education Dr Huang.
  2. 2.
    So obviously based on Michael Jackson I'm not sure how it was legal.
  3. 3.
    Queen Olivia tracks down a little girl phoning from a locked room. They doubt whether it's all an elaborate hoax but eventually find her buried alive.
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Undoubtedly one of the best parts of any holiday, good time management and careful organisation can lead to you having a whale of a time in an airport.
  1. The greatest feeling of all
    That moment when you've gotten rid of your suitcases, completed the security faff and you walk into the departures lounge free of all the burdens of travel and ready to enjoy yourself
  2. Airport grubbin
    From the obligatory cooked breakfast prior to any flights before 14:30 to that fancy smoked salmon and champagne experience, an airport meal is a necessary highlight (even though you'll probably be fed within the first hour of the flight)
  3. Cheeky bevs
    Everyone knows that time means nothing in a departure lounge which means boozin is acceptable (and positively encouraged) at any time of the night or day. Bonus points if you continue throughout the flight and have to be wheeled off in a wheelchair once you land in Shagaluf
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