A breakfast buffet is a serious thing that requires careful consideration
  1. Sausage
    Some people think bacon is the best. These people are wrong. Sausage is the meat of kings.
  2. Hash brown
    Potato rarely gets better than this
  3. Poached egg
    The egg of queens but upsettingly not always offered
  4. Fried egg
    Runny yolks pls & thx
  5. Fried potatoes
    Any form of left over potato upcycled into a breakfast item is a winner for me
  6. Boiled egg
    Delicious but unfortunately too often considered a meal in itself and not a part of a whole
  7. Cereal cocktail
    If you've got less than 3 different types of cereal in your bowl you're doing it wrong
  8. Bacon
    A nice salty surprise
  9. Breakfast cake
    The number one reason we should stay in the EU is to associate ourself with people who know cake is a necessary breakfast food
  10. An assortment of pastries
    Like the slightly shitter younger sister of the breakfast cake: perfectly good if there's wasn't already an amazing precedent set
  11. Tomatoes
    The much needed lube of a cooked breakfast
  12. Pancakes
    With toppings upon toppings upon toppings
  13. Fruit platter
    The more exotic the better
  14. Toast
    Necessary as the foundation of the cooked breakfast but always too cold and thus without satisfactory butter meltage
  15. Omelette
    The station setup gets you all excited but then you remember that omelettes are just a bit shit
  16. Mushrooms
    Consistently slimy
  17. Scrambled egg
    Never knowingly undercooked (which is unfortunately exactly what you want in a scrambled egg)