Eurovision 2016

My thoughts, feelings and emotions
  1. Belgium
    Big fan of the Hama Beads themed lighting
  2. Czech Republic
    This song rhymed and then didn't rhyme and then sort of rhymed and I was confused
  3. The Netherlands
    If Paolo Nutini was more country and had creepy guitarists
  4. Azerbaijan(a Grande)
    The hair and eyebrows of a cute girl I'd stalk on Instagram
  5. Hungary
    Do you want a Halls Soother, bbz?
  6. Italy
    Hard to be impartial when you hear the song every-fucking-where you go but Francesca seems cute
  7. Israel
    Strong 'goth Frozen' aesthetic
  8. Bulgaria
    Somewhat distracted by her 'my mate is doing her GNVQ Level 2 in hairdressing and asked me to be her model for her final exam' look
  9. Sweden
    The key words appearing in lights behind him reminded me of a spoken word performance I once attended and how much I hate spoken word performances
  10. Germany
    If she'd matched her costume to the Twilight theme of the set rather than dressed as a Harajuku fever dream I would have been much more on board
  11. France
    I liked the mix of French and English lyrics but my brain is never fully functioning in one language anyway so I might be biased
  12. Poland
    We all get a bit more dramatic with our hand gestures once we've had a manicure hun, I get it
  13. Australia
    HIGH DRAMA and graphics like the ones they show in CSI when they're searching for a perp's fingerprints
  14. Cyprus
    Any song with an actual howl does it for me
  15. Serbia
    An episode of Law & Order: SVU in song form, subsequently very much up my garden path
  16. Lithuania
    I'm all for a dramatic costume change but it needs to be more than just taking your jacket off, love
  17. Croatia
    Appreciated the Make, Do and Mend attitude of her dress made of netting and tin foil
  18. Russia
    'Thunder and lightning, it's getting exciting' is definitely a lyric that I would write (which probably isn't a good thing)
  19. Spain
    I say 'YAY YAY YAY' to dad dancing and dramatic falls
  20. Latvia
    He wants to feel your heartbeat and feel again that you're breathing with him. Next he will check your airways for obstructions and put you in the recovery position.
  21. Ukraine
    Unfortunately she appeared to have been 'stuck in the mud' but put a great effort into dancing regardless
  22. Malta
    Few people know this song was originally penned by JC himself about how Mary Magdalene made him feel like he could walk on water, glad this pregnant chick feels the same
  23. Georgia
    Kudos for convincing Liam Gallagher to join your band and happy birthday to your mother too
  24. Austria
    Was this a perfume ad?
  25. United Kingdom
    I can imagine this song in a film. Tbh just being able to imagine it on the radio is an achievement for the UK whose songs I can usually only imagine in the bin.
  26. Armenia
    I commend her daring choice to wear a cape in the post-Madonna at the Brits era.