1. Boots
    Clear frontrunner. I'd rather go naked than without cosmetics.
  2. Topshop
    Extremely necessary for my jeans needs and would reliably be able to source nice outfits from here too.
  3. Zara
    Very much to my personal taste. The only place I can purchase a wide range of floaty patterned dresses.
  4. M&S
    A shop that realistically none of us would be able to cope without. Perfect place to buy underwear, pyjamas and cardigans.
  5. TK Maxx
    Many may view this as a controversial choice but roughly half of my wardrobe comes from TK and I would not be without it. Also just couldn't live without the experience of shopping here on the regs.
  6. H&M
    While many of their more styled items are highly questionable, H&M is great for basics and does a pack of 3 sizes of gold hoops that I wear everyday.
  7. Primark
    You're always going to need the shit that Primark is selling and they do great pyjamas and loungewear (basically all I wear anyway).
  8. Poundland
    All of your stationary, snacking, toiletry, music from 2004 and shit celeb autobiography needs covered. Cracking lines of seasonal decorations.
  9. River Island
    To be perfectly honest I've only actually ever bought 3 things from RI: a pair of wellies and 2 bikinis. Those bikinis, however, are golden so I'd keep this shop for my swimwear needs.
  10. W H Smiths
    I love stationery like Kanye loves Kanye.