Teachers' Uniforms

A scientific report on the correlation between dress sense and subject taught.
  1. RE
    Beige polo shirt, long pleated skirt, sandals and socks, crucifix
  2. Art
    Bright colours, mixed patterns, fire hazard levels of floaty material, something on the head
  3. Geography
    Jumper and shirt, exotic ring they 'picked up in India'
  4. PE
    Miscellaneous runners club tshirt, waterproof blue tracksuit bottoms, different trainers everyday
  5. Maths
    Brown, M&S cardigans, too much gold jewellery
  6. ICT
    Overly formal full suit owing to their previous career in 'The City' (a high street branch of Santander)
  7. French
    Driggly skirt and blouse from a boutique, a jaunty neckerchief
  8. Drama
    Leggings and an oversized jumper
  9. English
    Black polo neck, cat eye glasses, red lipstick