1. Marks & Spencer
    An assortment of sandwiches, crisps, drinks, small salads, pork products, Percy Pigs, Walnut Whips etc etc etc. I'll probably eat all of these in the car on the way home from the airport.
  2. Pret à Manger
    Hoisin duck wrap, green tea & peach, love bar. Done.
  3. Chinese takeaway
    I could go easily to a Chinese restaurant here in Modena but it's just not something it feels right to eat abroad (unless you're in China obvs).
  4. Dim sum
    Separate from a Chinese takeaway, this means a proper Chinatown job. Don't want none unless you've got cha siu buns, hun.
  5. Fish and Chips
    Thank God for fish and chips.
  6. Indian takeaway
    I did have a curry in Italy once and it just wasn't quite right. (Mainly because the portions were too small).
  7. Five Guys
    With a side of an intravenous drip of the Coca Cola freestyle machine.
  8. Nandos
  9. Bill's
    For breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
  10. Wagamamas
    Tbh I was quite disenchanted by Wagas before I left London but maybe they've kicked their arse into gear in the last year.
  11. Pub lunch
    Probably 52 of these to make up for all the Sunday roasts I've missed out on. With every item from the Princess of Wales pudding menu to finish.
  12. Turtle Bay
    Don't know where there is one in London but I will find it and I will eat it.
  13. Wahaca
    Mmmmmm mojito. They'd better seat me in one of those van tables this time.
  14. Café breakfast
    Fry. Up. Preferably at The Astalet but I'll take Jenny's in Lee.