2. Shit where is my phone? I need to turn this noise off NOW!!
  3. Seriously where is it? This is going to wake the whole flat up
  4. Ok now the noise is off I could really go back to sleep for 5 minutes and it wouldn't matter
  5. I was having such a good dream and if I try now I can probably go back to it
  6. Ok brain, I had just had sex with Drake and he was baking me a cake. GO!
  7. This dream isn't coming back, I can probably snooze for another 5 mins and try harder
  8. I really need to pee
  9. But not enough to get up
  10. I'm really hungry too
  11. But again not enough to get up
  12. Thank god I washed my hair last night so I don't have to do it now
  13. Oh shit I fell asleep with it wet, God only knows what it looks like now
  14. If it looks ok I can stay in bed longer but if it looks crap (most likely) it will require considerable time and attention
  15. Maybe I can tell by feeling it
  16. Ok, that's not a thing
  17. I'm really going to have to get up now if I want to do anything more dramatic than just mascara
  18. Maybe I can decide what I'm going to wear while I'm lying here
  19. But I can't remember what I've got that's clean or ironed
  20. And I don't know what the weather is like
  21. I'm actually going to have to get up and assess the situation
  22. Why did I go to bed so late last night? I'm so stupid
  23. Tonight I'm going to bed early
  24. I'm going to come straight home from work, eat something and go to bed at 7 o'clock
  25. Then I'll be ready early and I can actually eat breakfast at home rather than on my way to the bus stop
  26. Maybe I'll put my phone over on the other side of the room and then I'll just have to get up
  27. Yeah that's what I'm doing tonight
  28. Ok I'm getting up now
  29. Why does opening your eyes actually hurt?
  30. Shit I'm going to be late