1. Are there other sports than Quidditch?
    Because one sport for all the magical folk in the world doesn't really seem adequate. Centaur racing? Enchanted rhythmic gymnastics? Just like running, maybe?
  2. Were there any background checks before the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
    Because I can't join a yoga class without completing a 4 page health questionnaire yet they threw 4 kids into a lake without asking if they could swim first.
  3. How did Harry learn to swim?
    I can't imagine Petunia taking him to the pool on a Saturday morning.
  4. Is there any form of pastoral care at Hogwarts?
    All they appear to have is one nurse who works 24/7. I feel like this isn't adequate. Harry was in some desperate need of therapy, was this available to him? Do the students get sex ed? Can they go to Madam Pomfrey to get condoms? (Or whatever contraceptives wizards use.) Because if not I can see many problems arising.
  5. Why didn't The Dursleys just hand Harry over to social services after they found him on their doorstep?
    It seems like a strange option to raise a child just so you can hate him when there is a perfectly viable other option available.
  6. What's the situation with primary school?
    Who taught these kids to read and write?
  7. Are muggle parents allowed to go to an open day at Hogwarts?
    Or do they just put their faith in a random letter summoning their child to come and live somewhere they've never seen or heard of before?
  8. Who does all the admin at Hogwarts?
    They don't appear to have a school receptionist and I would like to send my CV for consideration.
  9. Does the wizard media spread further than we hear about in the books?
    Because I probably wouldn't read The Daily Prophet if there was another choice out there. Is there not a wizard version of The Guardian or something?
  10. What are the public services available to wizards?
    Is healthcare free? Is there a benefits system? Are there wizard care homes? Do wizards pay taxes?
  11. Did they manage all the funeral arrangements themselves or is there a wizard undertaker?
    Because that dude would be making a mint.
  12. What's the feminist situation like?
    Just wondering really. Also what's the situation like for LGBT people, people with disabilities and people of different races?
  13. How on earth was Hagrid conceived?
    Seriously please think about this for a minute. Think about the size of a fully grown giant. Now think of the size of that giant's vagina. Now think of the size of a regular man's dick. Now explain to me how intercourse between those two things occurs.