There are so many though! Will add more as they come to me.
  1. French party in Islington
    Where do I even begin. Moira beat a black guy from Brixton in a drinking contest, we met a person called Hedwig, Chanah became BFFS with the nicest drug dealer ever from the Canary Islands, I nearly had a thing with Samuel Haddad and then we walked up Richmond hill the next morning still drunk with frappucinos in hand. Definitely a highlight of my college experience.
  2. That time we thought we loved martinis
    Went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on a whim (no regrets) and the went on a hunt for martinis after deciding that we liked them only to end up in a gay bar where the topless waiter had to look up instructions on is iPhone. And then we realised martinis are gross.
  3. Being drunk on the Kings Road
    Just in general, there are too many examples to get specific here
  4. Watching Eurovision in Courtfield
    We ate at Hare and Tortoise because duh, bought shitty alcohol from Morrisons ("this tastes like Summer in Newcastle") and then watched our favourite Latvian cake bakers lose to conchita. And Moira and Chanah kept leaving me to go smoke and Eurovision on your own is just too trippy.
  5. Drinking with David Munyini (sp?)
    Got wasted at the Roebuck while discussing she elephants and his grandfathers many wives. Then after his 8 pints he got in his car to drive to Essex and we went and laid on the grass outside main building and screamed our head off until Brittany opened her window and told us to go away.
  6. Yo Sushi
    Specifically the time Chanah told Brittany she could go sleep in the oven and it got real awkward for like 5 seconds and then we bonded over our mutual love of food.
  7. G-A-Y
    Moira wore Chanahs skate shoes and danced so impressively that she almost fell of the stage and still managed to look hotttt. Meanwhile Chanah and I were dancing around the bar with no shoes on hoping guys would buy us drinks...they didn't.