1. Tempurpedic neck pillow
  2. Charged phone
    Even though there are outlets on most flights now, let's just avoid having a low grade panic attack because I have to stretch my 18% battery over 5 hours
  3. "Nap" socks
    Battling the cold is NO JOKE
  4. Aquaphor
    All the better to slather my lips with
  5. Mini lotions for face & hands
  6. Oversized scarf
    Doubles as blanket/place to hide while sleeping
  7. One book & one magazine
    Let's be real, I always have an insane amount of reading material on me but quickly become distracted by free in-flight movies
  8. One glass of wine & one melatonin
    Only recommended for red eye flights, but if I need to sleep this combo will put me down for hours. I'm notorious for nodding out before taxiing down the runway
  9. Overpriced bottle of water
    *must* drink as much as possible to fight altitude hangover (or wine hangover if you skipped melatonin and decided to take advantage of all the free alcohol you can get your hands on) and instantaneous, pervasive body dryness
  10. Optional additions for international flights: toothbrush & travel toothpaste, extra underwear, makeup wipes
    Anything to make help me pretend I'm not covered in a film of recycled air and the microbes of strangers