My Best Friend and I Through the Ages👯

Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. 2001. I had just moved to a new school. I saw a photo of her once at my science teacher's bulletin board from the year before. 2001 was the year my bestie went to some random school, but she hated the vibes so she came back to my new school the year after.
  2. 2002. Our moms met at a school talent show, and that's when we became friends. I had previously seen her during recess & lunch and had dubbed her "the Campbell's soup girl" because she'd always take that to school.
  3. 2003. We both moved to a new school. She traded Campbell's for tuna and peaches in syrup. I started to grow boobs.
  4. 2004. I moved to Mexico to finish middle school. This is when she finally told me who she liked at school, who turned out to be the boy I liked (that bitch, just waiting for me to go to another country...)
  5. 2010. I moved back to the U.S. & we reunited. 👯 We celebrated by opening a can of Campbell's soup.
  6. 2011. In college, she taught me how to get the best deals at Craig's List & Amazon & warned me to never ever buy books from the university's bookstore or else I'd go broke.
  7. 2014. Two Russians by the names of Dmitri and Viktor came looking for her and I never heard of her again 😩😭 To this day, I keep an altar for her made out of Campbell soup cans in my closet.
  8. 2015. I made a trip to NY & paid my bestie tribute by visiting Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans masterpiece. As I exited the MoMA, I think I saw my bestie's doppelgänger, with blonde hair, skinny jeans, and carrying a bottle of champagne. Wait, was that... That was you!