Sometimes I feel sad and want to sit in my bed surrounded by various pillow pets and stare at the wall. But, hey! That's no fun! Here are some things I do to get my brain working and my body moving.
  1. Eat oatmeal!
    I could eat apple cinnamon oatmeal for every meal of every day. So, a nice bowl really puts my tummy in a happy place and makes me feel a bit better.
  2. Art!
    I have always envied those who have above average artistic abilities because, if we're being honest, mine are way below average. With my coloring books, or just writing things in fun colors, or even just doodling some really bad drawings of pine trees — my brain starts to really wake up!
  3. Journaling
    Writing is my saving grace! Write a letter to the person that is making you sad. Or just write! Get the feelings out. Usually being able to see what I'm feeling really puts those emotions in perspective for me. What was I thinking? Is this really making me sad?
  4. Looking at pictures of babies
    I love baby anything! Humans, dogs, cats, name it, I love it! So sometimes a quick Google search for "baby animals" can really brighten your mood and make you feel like there are good things left in the world!