This list could easily be endless...
  1. Anthony Hopkins
    Reason: everyone should learn how to act with him.
  2. Brad Pitt
    Reason: well he is Brad Pitt, period.
  3. Christoph Waltz
    Reason: he has something unique, although I can't quite know what it is.
  4. Jack Nicholson
    Reason: eccentric, brilliant, fucking genius
  5. Johnny Depp
    Reason: he is fucking brilliant.
  6. Hugh Jackman
    Reason: so many reasons, but one is Wolverine.
  7. Mel Gibson
    Reason: he just blows my mind.
  8. Tom Hanks
    Reason: master of the great acting.
  9. Ben Affleck
    Reason: having a thing for him, always.
  10. Matt Damon
    Reason: he just gets better at each movie (I don't know how it's possible).
  11. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Reason: once he was a king.
  12. Adam Driver
    Reason: I just love him thanks to Girls, more specifically to @lenadunham
  13. Peter Dicklage
    Reason: world say that he pays his debts.
  14. Chris Hemsworth
    Reason: he has some muscles.
  15. Eddie Redmayne
    Reason: he is always slaying.
  16. Henry Cavill
    Reason: he is really good looking and I don't mind to look.
  17. Robert Dowey Jr.
    Reason: he knows things.
  18. Josh Lucas
    Reason: those eyes, that face, that voice.
  19. Russell Crowe
    Reason: he was born to act.
  20. Ed Westwick
    Reason: two words, Chuck Bass.
  21. Heath Ledger
    Reason: he's a legend.
  22. Jake Gyllenhaal
    Reason: fuck yes.
  23. Jude Law
    Reason: I may have a fling for him.
  24. Al Pacino
    Reason: never fail to blow my mind.
  25. Chris Evans
    Reason: he is a captain and he never ages (like for real).
  26. Samuel L. Jackson
    Reason: superb.
  27. Dustin Hoffman
    Reason: full commitment, always.
  28. Michael Fassbender
    Reason: his act is growing stronger and stronger.
  29. Ian Somerhalder
    Reason: sexiness fits him well, specially with those hypnotic eyes.
  30. Channing Tatum
    Reason: (s) hot, hot, hot, funny, tall, abs, cute, magic, it keeps going on.
  31. Alex Pettyfer
    Reason: his accent and beauty, and yes I haven't overcome my teenage crush yet.
  32. Kevin Spacey
    Reason: brilliancy.
  33. Gabriel Macht
    Reason: Harvey.
  34. Matthew McConaughey
    Reason: always an astonishing performance.
  35. Ben Kingsley
    Reason: his face is quite scary, but I always appreciate his work.
  36. Ralph Fiennes
    Reason: he does some magic with his acting, and that is not because he played as Lord Voldemort.
  37. Joaquin Phoenix
    Resson: genius and he walk the line.
  38. Benedict Cumberbath
    Reason: like being British wasn't enough, he is also remarkably great.
  39. Josh Duhamel
    Reason: something to do with his smile.
  40. Ryan Reynolds
    Reason: none needed.
  41. Ryan Gosling
    Reason: he knows how to give a performance and he is handsome, what a combo.
  42. Stellar Skarsgard
    Reason: he seems to be in all good movies.
  43. Liam Neeson
    Reason: badass as fuck this one.
  44. Sean Faris
    Reason: sighing.
  45. Morgan Freeman
    Reason: I can just bow down for him.
  46. Gerard Butler
    Reason: P.S. I love him.