A bread guide to the greatest of food combinations.
  1. Cheddar jalapeño bagel
    A rare find, but holy shit if you have the opportunity to try this nothing will ever be the same. If for some random reason you find yourself in Scottsdale Arizona look up Lox Stock and Bagel.
  2. Plain bagel
    The bagel experience is arguably the ideal sausage egg cheese vessel as the bread manages to contrast to the spiciness of the sausage while complementing the cheese and creating a general cushiony texture that provides a delightful canvas for the egg.
  3. Wheat toast
    Generally best when the eggs are fried and not scrambled, toast does a fantastic job of absorbing any runny-ness while not taking away from the dueling stars of cheese and sausage.
  4. Spinach wrap
    A great low-carb option, and much superior to the plain white wrap that manages to make one of the greatest food combinations known to man feel bland.
  5. Croissant
    The butteriness of the croissant adds much to the taste experience but will also make you feel greasy for at least 2 hours after.
  6. Everything bagel
    Same principles of the plain bagel experience while adding texture and spice without out-staging the sausage.
  7. Sourdough toast
    Like most use cases for sourdough, depends on your mood, but a great way to mix up your S-E-C sandwich experience.
  8. English muffin
    A good option, not a great one, as the toughness of the crust usually means biting ruins the constitution of both the sandwich and your bite.
  9. White toast
    Doesn't add, doesn't subtract. Just is.
  10. Plain roll
    Most common in the street carts and bodegas of NYC, the plain roll has the same problem as the English muffin, without the nice taste profile of an English muffin. Is also often too big.
  11. Naked
    Ugh I guess if you have to but seriously ugh.
  12. Plain wrap
    A classic mistake to make when looking for a low-carb option, the plain wrap somehow overpowers the cheese with its blandness leaving you little relief from the normally delightful sausage.