1. Ice luge (two grooves)
  2. Name tags
  3. Baby pool and or a slip and slide.
  4. Multiple cases of magnum bottles of super cheap champagne (with pours)
  5. Hiring a great local DJ (not just your friend)
  6. Handing out retro sunglasses to all guests
  7. A booty-licious piñata + 1 iron
  8. Writing a nice note and inviting (warning) your neighbors about the ensuing party a week ahead of time. Further, convincing your neighbors to all give up their parking spots / park on street - and party in your parking lot in addition to your pad
  9. Convincing your chef friend that this is their party as much as its your party and getting them to cook killer food for everyone
  10. No external photography
  11. Start the party at 3pm and shut it down by 10pm
  12. Email everyone ahead of time with some awesome FAQS. I.e "q - what can I bring? A - don't worry about a thing. Just bring your fire and your focus - no weak sauce, no haterade, no negative energy - just need you ready to have the time of your life."