An illustrated guide to my analog modular setup

  1. Gateway drug of choice, standalone, fully patchable, lucious-sounding Moog Mother-32 analog synthesizer.
  2. #wood #good-knobs #sequencer
  3. Next up, a Make Noise 104hp powered skiff to house / con$train future growth.
  4. #aka-rig #not-really
  5. Listen to this album a lot
  6. Alessandro Cortini – Forse 1
  7. Watch endless YouTube videos of people playing hardware synths
  8. Watch endless Instagram videos of people playing modular synths
  9. First… an oscillator
  10. Make Noise ST0
  11. Vactrols for that West Coast pluck
  12. Make Noise Optomix low pass gate
  13. Wikipedia "vactrol"
  14. A vactrol uses a light and a photocell to pass along a signal instead of electrons on a wire…