The top 5 best non fast-casual restaurants out there... Love to hear yours
  1. Pappadeaux: If you have never had the Lobster Bisque and Sautéed Crabfingers you need to get a better life coach!
  2. Maggiano's: On the list because of their family style only and because I'm a fat kid at heart.
  3. Tienda Latina: You literally wouldn't even know it was a restaurant from the outside... And it's not much of one with only 4 tables... But those tacos...and if you make it to Laurens, SC😳 you might have to ask the locals because it doesn't pull up on a map!
  4. 167 Raw: Sit at the counter top (if you can with such limited seating) and watch the chefs cook up some of the freshest, most delicious seafood you've ever eaten... And hey, you're in Charleston!
  5. Milano Pizza: Hallsville, TX is home to my favorite pizza of all time. Alfredo and Pepperoni. Don't knock it until you've... Found it, tried it, and survived leaving East Texas. Good luck! Home sweet home!
  6. Just missed the list: T-Blancos (Longview, TX), Bacon Bros. (Greenville, SC), and CiCi's when I was 12.