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Some old stuff, some new stuff
  1. Still only one playlist on the Watch
    I am still flummoxed by why this is a thing. I have like... 20 different playlists for working out and they span a wide swath of music. Some days, I want my hair metal music; some days, I want hip-hip. Other days, I want punk. The physical ability to store more than a couple playlists worth of music is there— let me do it!
  2. If it's not Music, you can't sync it
    This is mostly about podcasts, but maybe there are other music services or audio apps to include here. I use Overcast for podcasts, and I desperately wish I could sync what I listen to onto my watch. Particularly now that the Series 2 Watch has GPS, I have less reason to bring my phone along on walks/runs... unless I want a podcast. Grrr.
  3. Music Redesign
    By most (of my) thinking, the Apple Music app redesign is pretty good. It's a hard shift from where it was and takes some getting used to, sure. But after months using it in beta, I like it. But there are a handful of bad choices made that hopefully will get addressed. First: burying the Love button. I shouldn't have to dig for this. It should be RIGHT there, immediately available. For a service billing itself as personalized, it seems weird to hide a massive part of functionality.
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  1. Edit/create/open InDesign files
    Adobe seems pretty well committed to bringing a bunch of its core "stuff" to iOS; I'm not certain why this still hasn't made its way there.
  2. Operate ShootQ properly
    ShootQ is the service we use for all our lead management and booking. The site's design is super dated, and the app is really nothing more than a quick-ish way to look up info. An update has been promised, with better mobile compatibility, but for now, it's a dumpster fire on iOS, across all browsers.
  3. Use Google's Gmail app in Split View
    I mean... c'mon, Google. Fix this.
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It's been nearly eight years since I was super pumped about an election year. A lot's changed since then, both personally and in the world (and nation). Here are some things I'd like to share with you about Politics in 2016.
  1. You will always find a poll that tells you exactly what you want.
  2. You will always find "research" that agrees with how you see things.
  3. Nothing on the internet dies.
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Things I would do with my Powerball jackpot winnings
  1. Pay taxes on winning ASAP.
    I feel this one is a key to success.
  2. Pay off all debt. Duh.
  3. Get original plans for current house, build near-exact copy in a nicer place.
    I love our house, and I like where it is... but the neighborhood can be... dodgy.
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Four viewings in and I've some things to share. WARNING: SPOILERS.
  1. Han knew what was going to happen.
    I don't know how, but J pointed it out after (I think) our first viewing and every subsequent viewing, it just seems more and more obvious. He knew what his end-point was.
  2. Snoke isn't a brand-new character, at least to SW nerds. There's something off.
    I'm thinking maybe a sort of Voldemort situation here. Maybe. I dunno.
  3. I still get teary-eyed for the things to get teary-eyed about.
    About everything. Even rewatching the first big trailer, things get dusty. I won't make apologies for loving what is a massive global blockbuster event thing to the point of ridiculousness. BUT STILL. Man oh man.
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With Episode VII now out, I can't really fit it into a "ranking" cleanly. So I made up three different rankings. There's not much movement in the prequels; I think it's pretty clear how those should always get ranked.
  1. THE QUALITY RANK: acting, effects, production values, cinematography, etc. Not all aspects weighed evenly.
    7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1, 2
  2. THE SENTIMENTALITY RANK: This is purely on a personal "feeling."
    4, 5, 7, 6, 3, 1, 2
    5, 4, 7, 6, 3, 1, 2
  1. Playlist Sharing
    There's an issue when trying to share a user-created playlist with the public, and it happens when a non-Apple Music track that isn't perfectly matched with something in the service is included. It makes the playlist un-shareable and in at least one playlist, it un-fixable. Lame.
  2. "For You"
    A super handy section! But man oh man... I'd love to get a curated weekly segment with new releases I might like. Sometimes new stuff will slide in, but usually, I just have to go digging. Sometimes that's fine; it's sorta' like crate digging at a record shop. But other times,I don't want to hunt. Just gimme something I'll like.
  3. Playlists, pt. 2: Desktop v. iOS Device
    I love the playlist view on the desktop version of iTunes that allows me to view albums I've added, not just a long track list. It would be super handy if somehow that view could make its way to iOS. For me, making a 'Best Of' list for a year is about albums, not tracks. Gimme an album view for playlists!
  4. User Profiles
    Make these mean something! Why prompt a user to make a username if it's not really going to count for something?
Here are some quick thoughts.
  1. Tonal Consistency
    This just really felt all over the map, which is worrisome. I get that Snyder/DC/WB have maybe listened to the talk about "too dark!" or "too gritty!" but the weird bits of "we made it a little lighter!" do not mesh well with the rest.
  2. That Little WW Bit At The End
    That was great! And sorta' unexpected! And the little haha exchange was kinda' funny! But again... weirdly out of place (the gag, not WW's appearance). I'm hoping stuff like that makes more sense in the movie and out of the trailer. I have to imagine it will. But hey! WW!
  3. Ummmmm... Doomsday??
    Huh Did not see that coming. Exciting!
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I am really loving the new TV! But there are weird things that need fixing. Like, now.
  1. A better way to input text.
    Alternately titled: Make the iPhone Remote App work again, if only for text input. Those of us with super complex passwords need this.
  2. Fix how purchased TV season passes work.
    Previously, when a new episode was ready, it was immediately at the top, ready to go. Now, it's chronologically buried, especially bad if you have multiple seasons (see: DOCTOR WHO). Maybe I'm missing a setting? Hm.
  3. App-specific change!
    Hulu! Why in the hell have you buried the Queue menu?? That should be number one option listed after opening the app!
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