1. Playlist Sharing
    There's an issue when trying to share a user-created playlist with the public, and it happens when a non-Apple Music track that isn't perfectly matched with something in the service is included. It makes the playlist un-shareable and in at least one playlist, it un-fixable. Lame.
  2. "For You"
    A super handy section! But man oh man... I'd love to get a curated weekly segment with new releases I might like. Sometimes new stuff will slide in, but usually, I just have to go digging. Sometimes that's fine; it's sorta' like crate digging at a record shop. But other times,I don't want to hunt. Just gimme something I'll like.
  3. Playlists, pt. 2: Desktop v. iOS Device
    I love the playlist view on the desktop version of iTunes that allows me to view albums I've added, not just a long track list. It would be super handy if somehow that view could make its way to iOS. For me, making a 'Best Of' list for a year is about albums, not tracks. Gimme an album view for playlists!
  4. User Profiles
    Make these mean something! Why prompt a user to make a username if it's not really going to count for something?