Things I would do with my Powerball jackpot winnings
  1. Pay taxes on winning ASAP.
    I feel this one is a key to success.
  2. Pay off all debt. Duh.
  3. Get original plans for current house, build near-exact copy in a nicer place.
    I love our house, and I like where it is... but the neighborhood can be... dodgy.
  4. Things for parents, immediate family.
    Debt, house, whatever.
  5. Nice TVs.
    TVs aren't gadgets.
  6. Buy a fleet of top-shelf Roombas.
    Like TVs, Roombas are not gadgets. And they'd all have their own names.
  7. Put stuff into frames.
    They don't even have to be nice frames! Walmart has a lovely selection. I just hate spending money on frames.
  8. One of those super-nice LL Bean jackets
    You know the one I'm talking about. THAT one. And a pair of duck boots for Jackie.
  9. Season tickets to Red Sox and Auburn Football
  10. Season tickets for Alabama football
    (for my mom)
  11. Attend a music festival!
  12. Upgrade all of Montgomery's libraries to the highest standards
  13. Eat a hot dog!
    With ketchup
  14. Donate to the Montgomery Area Food Bank.
  15. Eat another hot dog!
  16. Renew my Costco membership indefinitely
  17. Buy a couple of reasonable but nice NEW vehicles
    Some sort of mid-range SUV for me, maybe a Subaru Outback! J wants a high-roller Honda Odyssey. We'd install AppleTVs in it.
  18. Ok I might buy a Tesla, too
  19. Visit the J. Crew Factory Outlet WAY more often
  20. Sit on it.
    After all that, I genuinely have no idea.