Four viewings in and I've some things to share. WARNING: SPOILERS.
  1. Han knew what was going to happen.
    I don't know how, but J pointed it out after (I think) our first viewing and every subsequent viewing, it just seems more and more obvious. He knew what his end-point was.
  2. Snoke isn't a brand-new character, at least to SW nerds. There's something off.
    I'm thinking maybe a sort of Voldemort situation here. Maybe. I dunno.
  3. I still get teary-eyed for the things to get teary-eyed about.
    About everything. Even rewatching the first big trailer, things get dusty. I won't make apologies for loving what is a massive global blockbuster event thing to the point of ridiculousness. BUT STILL. Man oh man.
  4. The crowds are still there and they're still excited.
    I went into today's showing fully expecting a near-empty theater. Auburn playing in Bham, Bama about to play out in Texas, it's a Wednesday... perfect setup for super low numbers. NOPE. 60-70 people in our auditorium, AND CLAPPING AND CHEERING. I've never seen anything like it. Normally after week one, the Super Excited Nerds have come and gone and it's just "a movie." Not for this, apparently.
  5. Your 6yo probably will care more about BB-8 than Rey and gender politics.
    At least mine did. Which is fine! BB-8 is fantastic and sort of expected it. But don't be bummed if your 6yo daughter doesn't immediately take to I WANT TO BE REY. Everything will be fine.