Things I Still Can't Do On My iPad

  1. Edit/create/open InDesign files
    Adobe seems pretty well committed to bringing a bunch of its core "stuff" to iOS; I'm not certain why this still hasn't made its way there.
  2. Operate ShootQ properly
    ShootQ is the service we use for all our lead management and booking. The site's design is super dated, and the app is really nothing more than a quick-ish way to look up info. An update has been promised, with better mobile compatibility, but for now, it's a dumpster fire on iOS, across all browsers.
  3. Use Google's Gmail app in Split View
    I mean... c'mon, Google. Fix this.
  4. 3D Touch
    Still viewed as a novelty by a lot of people (probably), I love 3D Touch and use it constantly on my 6S. Not a big opinion swayer, but I find myself pressing and nothing happening (like in Tweetbot) because duh.
  5. Move Stuff Between Apps in Split View
    How handy would it be to be in Split View mode and just drag files or chunks of text between apps?
  6. Draw
    I am so bad at drawing.