1. Flawless story construction
    Remove any scene, and the next scene can't happen, e.g., If the three strippers don't sing "Gotta Get A Gimmick" to Gypsy, she can't go on to become a star.
  2. Naturalistic lyrics that sparkle
    Alternately hilarious or heartbreaking, these lyrics always use the words and candences that are natural to the characters singing them. Good dialogue is no easy feat—in-tempo, rhyming dialogue is joyful mastery.
  3. The score evolves over the course of the play, like a good character should
    The best example is "Let Me Entertain You," a song whose lyrics don't vary, but whose style, meter, and meaning change each time it is sung, simultaneously expressing the passage of time, the evolution of the act, the needs and dreams of the characters, and the ups and downs of show business.
  4. Jaw-dropping finale
    "Rose's Turn" the show's gigantic, solo soliloquy sung by a woman who is losing her mind, is at once, unbearably intimate, indulgently melodramatic and a pin-point celebration of the essence of show business in all of its forms.