This is the top priority for the human race. It is only our planet at stake. Other renewable energy tech is obviously helpful, but these items here are the equivalent of flour as an ingredient to bread.
  1. Solar PV panels
    Mostly multicrystalline silicon, though some thin films have great potential
  2. Batteries
    Mostly lithium ion, though some flow batteries and other forms of energy storage have great potential
  3. Electric vehicles
    Thank you for kickstarting this @Teslamotors . Without this we wouldn't have a good way to get around in the future.
  4. Progressive energy policies and markets
    This is a very important ingredient because without the correct driving forces our energy portfolio is suboptimal.
  5. Software
    We need to be able to control our electric grid in a reliable, flexible, and secure way. After all, when you are depending on the Sun for all of your energy needs, it pays the have the ability to shift and store energy across the time-space continuum as needed. Thanks seasonal and diurnal patterns :)