1. Wake up without a hangover on January 1st.
    It's doable... and laughable at the very same time.
  2. Actually celebrate my Orthodox Christmas.
    Totally have a 6 am meeting that day. Legally, i can get the day off! Bam!
  3. Work out.
    One layer of me is laughing. You'll be the first one gone, bissshhhh!
  4. Try the whole relationship thing... again.
    Ohhhh boy! This could make for a few good lists.
  5. Bake! Like real bakers. You know, the ones who don't burn down their house?
    I got this! Move over cake boss!
  6. Get a new job.
    I work with crazy people. More lists about that... the holidays bring out the stupid in some people.
  7. Travel!
    So far I got Scotland and England planned. I wanna do Disney for New Years 2018! I should start saving now...?
  8. Get back into working out because I have given up at some point.
  9. See more concerts. Have @simpleplan coming up. That's exciting!
  10. Find a new place to live.
    That will come after that awesome job I get.
  11. Meditate and possibly yoga?
    Lol last time I did yoga my Boobs got in the way. Maybe that's not my kind of thing.
  12. Drop the yoga and continue kick boxing.
    Cause yoga is for spiritual quiet people. I'm spiritual just not quiet. Bless you all 🙌🏼
  13. NOT allow negative people in my life and no longer let their problems be mine.
    I'm too full of life for that shit.
  14. Drink less...
  15. Write music and sing again.
    2 years too long.
  16. Make more lists that are funny and relatable and please give a girl some ideas. I don't lead that much of an exciting life as you all do. ❤️
  17. Pay off my credit card. Just got my bill and damn near died.