Suggested by the lovely @NicoleO
  1. I own a beautiful cherry red Takamine acoustic guitar. She is my therapist and I named her Penny. She was worth every Penny... get it? 😉 LOL... oh dear... I tried.
  2. My grandmas necklace. When she passed away it was decided that I would get it. I wore it everyday and now it's missing. I still feel like it's around and I hope that one day I find it. It had the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti on it.
  3. Guitar picks. I have a small collection but it means the world to me. Every guitar pick I received came with a special memory. Moments I will never forget. My first one ever was given to me by Taylor Hanson. I damn near died!
  4. Divergent Movie. The first one. I know I'm too old to really be so in love with such a movie, but I am. I couldn't even describe to you the feeling I get when it comes to this story. I'm so many strange ways I relate to the main character. Not every movie or story or song is meant to be a hit... it's just... meant to be.
  5. I have two beautiful rings I got from each one of my sisters. I love those two kids to death and I will never regret giving up my life to make sure they had a good one. Still had a good's just complicated.
  6. My bed! Weird, right? I haven't owned a proper bed since I was 9. I slept on broken beds, mattresses on the floor... it just never worked out. My parents got me a bed last year and it's ahmaziiiing!