1. Got there early. Was polite to anyone who acknowledged my existence.
  2. Waited 25 minutes because he was running late. No worries. All I could do was think.
  3. Sweaty hands... oh no...
  4. Please don't fall on your face. Walk the heals like you know how to walk. Fake it till you make it?
  5. Was this right? Am I gonna answer everything ok? What if I suck? What if he uses big words I don't understand. Oh my god!
  6. He came out and shook my hand.
  7. He is the nicest man ever! Oh my god! What? Really???
  8. He didn't ask me questions. He just told me about the job, when can I start? What salary I was looking for and availability. Oh and he told me where I'll be training...
  9. That.was.it!
  10. He said he was going to think about it and email me the letter offering me employement either today or tomorrow.
  11. What is happening? He hasn't let me say anything!
  12. Oh I had to do a personality quiz.
  13. That's it! That was the easiest interview I've ever had!
  14. I think I got it? But I haven't heard anything... Did my quiz answers fail?
  15. I still don't know what's happening...
  16. I slept the rest of the day.