1. I have a love/hate relationship with auto correct. Mostly because I speak 3 languages and I'm never sure which keyboard I am using. If only I paid attention... if only.
  2. I usually shower twice a day. Weird right? Clean though...
  3. Some people find me awkward but I can assure you, I really am. I forget words sometimes. It's really okay.
  4. I have a deep love for cheese. That won't change.
  5. Still a Hanson fan! Mmm freakin bop!
  6. I cried when I saw Kelly Clarkson on stage.
  7. I just bought 2 books on dreams and 2 on human behaviour. Where am I going with this? Why haven't I tried the library first?
  8. For the first time ever I met a miserable human being. My witty charm didn't change her... OH and she has a boyfriend. So there's like... 2 of them. So weird.
  9. I could eat tacos all the time. But I don't cause you know... fat ass status is trying to go down to small ass status.
  10. Every time I do a list, a body part falls asleep. Maybe I'm taking too long? I want this to be good.
  11. Seriously I actually had to stand up, that was bad.
  12. Empath... look it up. Or don't. Whatever you wish.
  13. My favourite song is "The Wind" by Cat Stevens. Describes my life perfectly.
  14. I haven't written a song in 3 years. I haven't played guitar in 3 years. I haven't sang in 3 years. I've had a terrible 3 years, wtf?
  15. Since 2009 I've had almost 10 surgeries and happily found out I have very high pain tolerance and a great knowledge for band aids and wound care.
  16. I love visiting Montreal because it's the closest I'll get to Serbia on a budget. European soul.
  17. I tan super easy. Like, really easy. I was pale once...
  18. One day I'd love to work in the music industry. One day I will!
  19. I once met a dude online who tried to catfish me. Didn't realize I watched catfish and criminal minds. Stupid man...
  20. Alright, that is all. Have a good day!