Best TV Shows and Specials for Fans of Historical Fiction

Excluding romantic period dramas... That's a whole other list. These are based on actual history. Any other recommendations?
  1. Vikings
    Based on real Vikings, including Ragnar Lothbruk.
  2. Penny Dreadful
    Maybe a bit of a stretch, but incorporates quite a few allegories from literary history and refers to real people, like Jack the Ripper.
  3. Hell on Wheels
    About the end of the civil war and building the trans-continental railroad.
  4. Deadwood
    One of if not the best modern tv western
  5. West Wing
    Fictional democratic president with lots of references to real people and events
  6. Horatio Hornblower
    Fictional British naval captain during the Napoleonic Wars
  7. Turn: Washington's Spies
    Includes and references a ton of real people, events, and places during the American Revolution