Warning: Listing while bathing is not for the loose of grip, faint of heart, or generally splashy. Like Alice, I give good advice, but very seldom follow it.
  1. Hey! I'm Stephanie! 👋 I live in Austin, TX
    Other identifiers: half-Taiwanese, Sagittarius, late-sleeper, dog person.
  2. This is an 8-year-old photo of me, sadly eating a burger at a Steak N' Shake
    My coworkers are obsessed with this picture and have printed out copies of it to keep on their desks, in their wallets, and have set it as their desktop photo. It's very flattering.
  3. My favorite thing is skincare
    It is probably an addiction and I will soon become so smooth and/or slippery that I will just slide off of my chair onto the floor like an impeccably exfoliated snake.
  4. My style code for 2016 is "As Pajama As Possible"
    Which means I don't want to ever wear anything that is not as comfortable as pajamas. WAKE UP PEOPLE - IT'S 2016 AND WE DESERVE BREATHE-ABLE FABRICS.
  5. I'm dying to meet Rick Ross
  6. Nice to meet you!
    Sorry to cut this short, my toes are pruning. ✌️