1. Roughly 7.6 million animals enter shelters nationwide per year.
    That's 7,600,000 animals.
  2. About 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year.
    That's like a third of animals that go into the shelter each year. 1 of 3 animals are euthanized!
  3. It is impossible to know how many stray animals there are in the US. Cats alone are about 70 million.
    There are roughly 70 million cats owned in the US. That means there are about 140 MILLION CATS in the US! SPAY AND NEUTER!!!
  4. Shelter animals are not "broken" animals.
    Most people believe that shelter dogs are traumatized, messed up animals who have diseases and are aggressive. That is a myth. A lot of dogs are in the shelter because their owner couldn't take care of them anymore.
  5. If anything, you know more information from a shelter dog's background than a breeder's puppy!
    People say that shelter dogs have terrible pasts and it's what makes them messed up. Again not true. Sure they have a past. But not necessarily a bad past! And it's better KNOWING their past (grew up with children, had a sister cat, lived on a ranch, allergic to pumpkin, etc) than buying a puppy that a breeder is just trying to get money from you to pay for the next litter they will have.
  6. Just because you buy a dog from a breeder does NOT mean that the dog will be friendly and have no health issues.
    Actually, purebred dogs have more health issues than any mix breed. Also, buying a puppy from a breeder and saying that they won't be aggressive because it's from a good line of X breed is like saying you know for a fact that your unborn baby will not be a serial killer. YOU DONT KNOW THE FUTURE!
  7. Shelters have TONS of purebred dogs.
    It's a common misconception that shelter dogs are all Pits, Chihuahuas, and Mutts. About 25% of the dogs that enter the shelter are PUREBREDS! I've seen a lot of the following: German shepherds, poodles, Bichon, cocker spaniels, shih tzus, labs, Huskies, pugs, Queensland heeler, Danes, Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, etc!!!
  8. There are puppies in the shelter.
    Again, a lot of people think shelters only have old dying diseased dogs. NOT TRUE! Plenty of the shelter dogs are puppies! Often what happens is an owner "forgets" to spay their female and she gets pregnant and the owner can't take care of the pups so she gives them to the shelter if she can't find friends to take them.
  9. You will save money by adopting a dog from a shelter!
    Adoption costs are roughly $250 (depends on the dog and the shelter and the specials going on that day). That includes neutering. And, a shelter will not give you a dog that has Parvo or any other health condition that they are aware of! Shelter dogs see vets regularly and before they are adopted, they are examined and tested and treated for any illness they might've had. (Fleas, mange, cherry eye, etc)
  10. If you want to buy a dog from a breeder, that's fine.
    Just look at the shelter first. Or check out rescues that are specific to that breed! You never know unless you look!
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