Requested by @imakemelaugh3
  1. Always having someone to play with!
    Mom and dad aren't always in the mood for tug a war, or wrestling... But having a sister is great for things like this!
  2. Double the cuddles!!!
    Like cuddling with 1 pup? Imagine having 2 right next to you when you have a bad day!
  3. No dog is the same. Take us for example, we have v different personalities. And mom loves it!
    It's like having 2 best friends, 1 you go to when you need her to tell you that you are always right, the other you go to because she will tell you to STFU.
  4. Having more than one dog will always keep you on your toes. In a good way.
    Like what did mom even do with her life before she had both of us? Was she just a couch potato??
  5. Emotional benefits!
    It is proven that dogs have healing powers! If you ask us, all dogs are Emotional Support Animals, even if they aren't certified. If one dog makes you a happier person, imagine having TWO DOGS!! Major increase in positive emotions!
  6. Mom and dad feel less guilty when they leave us alone.
    We always have each other, no matter what. When mom and dad go for a mini vacation they worry less about us because they know that we can cuddle with each other and miss them less.
  7. Double the ❤️❤️❤️
    More the merrier!