1. First, here's the story of me:
  2. I was born June 25, 2013 in Nevada
  3. I am the product of irresponsibly not spaying & neutering pets
  4. My dad is a Yellow American Lab; my mom is a Siberian Husky
    This is my mom when she was a pup
  5. My name used to be "Speck" because I had a white speck on my forehead
  6. My human mom found out about me when her cousin posted pictures of me and my sister on Facebook.
    This is the very first picture she saw of me
  7. She drove 2 hours to pick me up.
  8. On the way home we stopped at In N Out in Folsom CA (which is the city we live in now!!).
    Here's our first selfie!
  9. I peed in the car on the 2 hour drive home. Mom didn't care though.
  10. Now for the fun facts:
  11. Mom was more hesitant in getting a dog than dad was.
  12. I destroyed a lot of things 😁
  13. I learned how to swim after I was chased into the lake, and I had to just figure it out
    Now mom has to bribe me to get out of the water
  14. Mom calls me "Chewbacca" when I talk like a husky.
  15. People used to think I was part German shepherd (Occassionally they will still think so)
  16. Mom socialized me before I had all my shots 😁🤐
  17. I'm the reason why mom started volunteering at shelters
    I've actually volunteered WITH my mom!!
  18. I'm the first dog my dad ever had, and the first dog my mom had as her own (not a family dog)
  19. I have the softest ears
  20. People always think I'm really old because I'm really well behaved in public
  21. I've met a horse!!!
  22. I play well with small dogs and big dogs
    I grew up with a Pomeranian and a Maltese, so I'm used to being the big dog.
  23. I think I'm a lap dog sometimes
  24. Out of all the things I'm great at, I'm not too good off leash 😅 but I'm getting better!!
    Here I am practicing!!