1. First, a little history about me:
  2. This is a picture of my birth mom. She's a yellow lab.
    They thought my dad was a German Shepherd, but that was just a guess on my appearance
  3. Someone abandoned her and me in Hayward, CA. The county animal shelter took us in.
  4. Then Lucky Dog Rescue took both of us from the kill shelter and had us fostered for a better living situation in hopes to find us a forever home.
  5. They posted this picture on
    My name used to be "Bailey"
  6. @brittmaag had been going on petfinder everyday for a month in search of a new sibling for Luna.
  7. It was destiny when she found me. She called and emailed and filled out an application that day.
    She had an hour phone interview with Lucky Dog Rescue to see if she was a good dog mommy and if we would be a good match.
  8. They thought so, so they set up a meeting for me to meet Luna, Mom and Dad.
  9. I was really shy, but they decided that it was better than Luna and I fighting.
    Here's a picture of me when we met for the first time. Don't I look so depressed??
  10. The next week they took me home!
    Here's a picture of the day I got a furever family!
  11. I started losing teeth soon after so mom is saying my birthday must be in May. May 25, 2015 is my new birthday!
  12. Now I'm about 8 months, mom thinks I have Border Collie and maybe Golden Retriever in me! (Not GSD)
  13. Now for the FUN FACTS!
  14. I love laying super man
  15. I follow mom to the bathroom every time she goes
  16. I used to hate cuddling, now I'm the biggest cuddle bug
  17. I regularly bark in my sleep
  18. I'm a licker 👅
  19. People used to say I looked part pitbull
  20. I took a while to potty train
  21. I'm really good off leash
  22. Just this last weekend did I start swimming in water where I couldn't touch the bottom!
  23. One of my best friends is a 140lb Malamute!
  24. I'm always happy!!!