Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Buddy from Air Bud
    @lizabeth said I look like Buddy... Which is totally acceptable since he is really good at sports. I, myself, am really good at playing fetch. Sometimes I play so hard I don't know when I'm tired. Mom forces me to drink water but I don't want to put the ball down so I end up just sticking the ball and my snout in the water bowl.
  2. Scrappy Do
    @danashiroma says I am like Scrappy Do because I'm scrappy! Pretty self explanatory. 😝
  3. Doug from Up
    My mom says I'm kinda like Doug. I'm derpy and VERYYYY clingy.
  4. The dog in the Bessie Pease Gutmann painting
    Some random lady that I met said I looked like the dog from this painting... I think she hit the nail on the head! She was the most accurate out of everyone (based on looks) AND SHE ONLY KNEW ME FOR A SECOND!