1. I'm 3 years old (in June)
    That's 21 in people years!!!!
  2. I've had a lot of really good memories.
  3. The day I first learned how to swim has to have been the best day of my life!
  4. Before I learned to swim, I was always so curious about water, but I never understood it!
    I could see the ground but when I stepped in it it would move and my paw would get wet!
  5. One day my mom brought me to the Dog Lake by our house.
  6. I was 7 months old.
  7. When we got to the water I was curious again and this time the water slowly got deeper and deeper!
    Mom calls it a beach because it doesn't just drop down to deep deep water like a pool.
  8. Then! Some other dog (a black lab if I remember right) CHASED ME INTO THE WATER WHERE I COULDNT TOUCH!!
  9. At first I was scared! I didn't know what to do!
  10. But I heard mom's voice saying "good girl" so I knew I was going to be okay.
  11. I kicked my back feet and tried to keep my ears and face above water, and paddled toward mom's voice
  12. Finally, I could touch the floor and I could walk again!
  13. I kinda liked the freedom of swimming and the cold water on my fur.
  14. So I went back out there!
  15. It wasn't as scary this time!
  16. And that's how I learned to swim!
  17. Now you can't get me out of the water.
  18. Here are some other pics of me swimming!
  19. I've swam in pools!
  20. Static
  21. Even small plastic ones
  22. I've swam at a fun pool with fountains and slides!!
  23. I've swam at lots and lots of lakes!
  24. Static
  25. Waterfall!
  26. I've saved my friend from drowning and getting tangled in the lilies!
  27. You might think this is a pic of my sis, but I'm in the background in my element
  28. I've even swam in the ocean!
  29. Not a huge fan of the waves but it was still fun!
  30. I even have gone on this weird board, which I didn't like because id rather be in the water swimming.
  31. Static
  32. But my favorite is swimming with mom! ❤️