One Childhood Memory I Would Go Back And Relive (Skylar)

Requested by @BWN_7 thanks for the request!!!
  1. I'm still a pup; I turn ONE at the end of this month!
    So I'm still a child living my childhood!!
  2. But I still have had some incredible memories.
  3. I think my most bestest memory is the day my mommy and daddy and sister brought me home.
  4. Before my family adopted me, I was living with a nice family in Danville.
    They are called my foster family!
  5. It was a very fun life and I loved my foster sister, but I just new that there was something else out there for me.
  6. I was only with my foster family for a week when I first met @brittmaag and Luna and Luna's daddy.
  7. I was really scared at first of Luna.
  8. I stayed close to the adoption lady for a long time, but once I realized that Luna wasn't going to eat me I started playing with her!
    She was so fun! She let me jump on her and bite her ears!
  9. After a couple more minutes the humans talked for a little and my new friend Luna left.
    They took this picture
  10. A week later, I went on a car ride and met up with Luna and her parents again!
    That was a surprise!
  11. And instead of leaving to go home with my foster family, I went home with Luna and her family!
    This picture is from our car ride home!
  12. Although I was a little nervous still, I had a really good feeling about it.
  13. When I got to my new home I explored a lot and Luna showed me all the cool things to do and the things NOT to do.
  14. It was an adjustment for sure, and I was scared at first, but it all turned out for the best!
  15. Now Luna is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I can't imagine her not being my sister!
  16. We do everything together and have so so much fun!
    If I didn't go home with my new family that day, I wouldn't have had all these adventures!
  17. Here are some adventures with my BFF
  18. We tell jokes!
  19. I've hung out with her in her crate
  20. We've gone with mom and dad wine tasting A LOT
  21. The first time I went in the pool!
  22. Lots of walks
  23. We go to breweries too!!
  24. The lake!
  25. More walks
  26. The time we went to the snow!!!
  27. We even have matching shirts!!
  28. Lake again!
    The dog on the left is actually my foster sister! We met up with my foster family a couple months ago!
  29. We've even done a charity walk together!!
  30. I love my sister!