We Have Something To Say!

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  1. Hi my name is Luna
  2. And I'm Skylar
  3. Although we write lists on TLA and tell stories, we (surprisingly) can not actually speak!
    We are sorry if we disappointed you 😥
  4. We get some help from our mom, @brittmaag
  5. Not all dogs (or any animal for that matter) have someone that will speak up for them.
  6. Even if they have an owner, their owner won't always listen to what the animal has to say.
  7. It's hard to hear us, sometimes.
  8. It's said that we can speak, but we only speak to those who listen.
    - Orhan Pamuk
  9. So we are asking you to speak up for the animals who can't speak.
  10. We need a voice, and you humans are the only one to give one to us.
  11. If you see an animal who is being abused PLEASE say something.
  12. You might think that this is common sense, but so many animals have died because someone didn't say something when they saw abuse.
  13. You can save a life.
  14. And when you do speak up, don't whisper.
  16. Be obnoxious! Report that abuse again and again and again until something is done.
  17. You can make a difference!