1. "You have the best hair how do you make it look that nice all the time?"
    Jason B., 8
  2. "Please don't strangle me like Bob did."
    James J., 10
  3. "I'm okay with being threatened as long as it's from someone who cares about me, or is younger than me."
    Cameron S., 11
  4. "Koary's spirit is younger than me."
    Cameron S., 11
  5. "Oh. Face palm."
    Cameron S., 11
  6. "You used to be blond too? You must have been a good looking blond."
    Hyde D., 9
  7. "Well aren't you just full of atta boys and accolades."
    Ben B., 16
  8. "Smell that? That's the smell of work."
    Jason B., 8
  9. "You'd be a good motivational speaker, with your brown eyes and symmetrical face."
    Cameron S., 11
  10. "Hey Jed, wanna be king of the crates? Well too bad cause I'm already the king of the crates!"
    Kevin B., 11
  11. "I made a new throne."
    Kevin B., 11
  12. "I'm a man. I don't need enough rope to finish the knot."
    Tyler D., 12
  13. "Do you know why my dad gives my brother wine? It's cause we are Christians!"
    Malachi W., 10
  14. "Ginger counts as two. Your dog is FAT"
    Ian B., 12
  15. "I'm the smallest one in the class so people need to be careful with me."
    Brian D., 6
  16. "He said that's what his friends call him but I don't know if I'm his friend yet."
    Malachi W., 10
  17. "You whip good."
    Joshua W., 8