Take them down @CAFE
  1. I did a search on "Jill stein" last night and found these 2 lists:
  2. Why would you portray a woman, a woman running for president, a woman that has worked her whole life for other people as predatory? That's a cheap shot.
  3. You infantilize a woman because you don't agree with her political views? That's easy. I would like to see you actually defend HRC's foreign policy. I want you to admit you don't care if Yemenís, Palestinian, Syrian, Honduran civilians are massacred. Children, mothers, fathers killed in the name of USA imperialism.
  4. Liberals love to dismiss the left as "pie in the sky" and pretend they're doing the "adult" thing by voting for Clinton.
    I understand you love Clinton but what kind of feminist kills women and their children? You show complete lack of moral fiber and are ignorant. You ignore the deaths of foreigners because, simply, you don't care about non USA citizens.
  5. Amazing! So progressive!
  6. Take these poorly written lists down.