This is my response to @CAFE 's cute and inaccurate list they complied for me. JILL STEIN SUCKS AND WE AREN'T AFRAID TO SAY IT
  1. As far as political extremists go, let's give it up for Liberals!
    Liberals love to seem cool and progressive and also ignoring democrat lead imperialism, a record number of people deported from the U.S. during Obama's tenure as President and Democrat war crimes.
  2. C’mon, did you do your research? Jill Stein does “believe in vaccines” and has called them “a huge contribution to public health” Her issue is with the FDA being controlled by drug companies.
    Here is a source (I hear those were important):
  3. Oh yea, Stein holds the current record for most votes ever received by a woman candidate for President of the United States in the general election. Seems qualified to me.
  4. Yes, her! Jill Stein has worked her entire life as a political activist. Being Green means you’re outside the 2 party system. Working on dismembering that system sometimes takes more immediate action than waiting for a someone to have a HRC level of experience in politics.
    Clinton has a lot of experience but it's bad experience. It's like asking Donald Trump to lead your company. Here's Stein's Wikipedia page with more informative on her career:
  5. Speaking of Bernie, I don’t know very many on the left that would have voted for Bernie Let’s Drone Kids Sanders. I certainly never planned on it.
    No, CAFE. Politics is not about alliances and winning. Liberalism may be - but not politics. Politics is working for the people. Politics is the concern of your country's relations with others. None of these is something HRC embodies. You can’t deny her special interests with corporate USA and Big Pharma. You can’t deny her promise to wage war, lead the USA into breaking international law, and funding ethnic cleansing.
  6. Nader, Nader, Nader. I made a list once, here is an excerpt:
    "1) democrats assume if there wasn't a more liberal 3rd party candidate then those voters would automatically vote for the dem nominee, not true. I would never vote for HRC either way and I know a lot of people that agree. 2) 308,000 self-identified liberals (those who would automatically vote for gore without a 3rd party) voted for bush compared to the 34,000 that voted for Nader. The people that are responsible for the bush presidency are exactly those who voted for bush - including democrats”
  7. Yes, you're so right, so childish that we refuse to vote democrat for more sensible imperialism.
    Please tell my friends and family in Honduras that I need to do the adult thing by voting for someone who is responsible for an illegal coup that lead to their murder rate to double. In your most adult voice please explain to heartbroken mothers in Honduras that voting democrat is the right thing to do. They send their kids to the USA illegally so that they don’t get raped or murdered. Then a democratic presidency hunts them down and deports them back to a mess they helped create. So adult!
  8. You're right, I do have a civic duty to fight evil but disagree in your liberal ideas of practicality.
  9. Liberals - the pragmatic voter! I think it pragmatic to vote for someone that won’t kill innocent families but alas - we disagree on the simplicity of murder.
  10. Ahh, of course, reducing women to something you feel is a lesser profession (so capitalist of you!). Jill Stein isn’t a chiropractor. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard where she studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. She then attended and graduated Harvard Medical School.
    Please do your research. I’m not sure what the qualifications are to write at CAFÉ but research is important in journalism. Kind of the main part.
  11. You can sit in the comfort of the USA and be so proud you picked “the lesser of 2 evils” but that's still voting for a war criminal. You can miss me with that!