This will focus mainly on their relationship with Israel. It will cover the legality of the settlements and other information that I think needs to be talked about.
  1. Palestine has territories occupied by Israel under "belligerent occupation"
    A category under international law when a territory is captured during a war. This has been the case since the the IDF declared authority over the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is still enforced today. (Israel says Gaza Strip is not occupied and Hamas argues it is)
  2. The international community considers the Israeli settlements on occupied territory to be illegal under international law.
    There have been numerous resolutions, esp from the UN, that deem Israeli settlements illegal under international law. The main reference is to The Fourth Geneva Convention for example 49(1) which forbids the forceful transfer of civilians from the occupied territories. (which Israel does not accept). According to the BBC, besides Israel, every government in the world considers the settlements to be illegal.
  3. A two state solution is widely favored but has never been reached. Palestine has agreed to accept Israel's right to exist if they withdraw military forces from the West Bank and Gaza. Both Israel and Palestine never agreeing to a compromise.
    There are many issues why there hasn't been a compromise. Palestine's main issue is the lack of compromise by Israel. Many say it's hard because of terrorist attacks (both sides). They also both disagree on when Israel was created 1948/1967 which is also a large deciding factor.
  4. Most of the information I used for about the Legality of Israeli settlements is well organized and sourced on Wikipedia:
  5. Law Of Return passed by, Knesset, Israel's parliament gives Jews the right to return and to live in Israel and also gain Israeli citizenship but at the same time, Israel, does not allow accept Palestinian's Right To Return.
    Even Arabs who's homes they occupied. (also a part of the debate on whether be Gaza Strip is occupied or not)
  6. A less talked about occurrence is what Palestine calls, "Nakba", the displacement of over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their homes after the 1948 war by Jewish military and also Zionist forces (Irgun and Lehi). Here is a Palestinian native's personal story (twitter thread): This is an example where most governing authorities say Israel is in the wrong: by forcibly displacing civilians and creating permanent settlements. Nakba is widely referred to as ethnic cleansing (although that's is obviously been disputed)
  7. Many people believe that most media does not highlight the crimes against Palestine. (Important links)
    This link juxtaposes Israelis deaths with Palestinian deaths: here is a video of an Israeli soldier kicking a knife towards a dead body: Here is a link to a video of police brutality against a Palestinian boy:
  8. I think these are a few, poignant, beginning points that address the request/prompt.
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