1. I look adorable today
  2. Where's that cute dude with 0 percent body fat
  3. I LOVE her scarf
  4. How many times do I need to tell myself to get registered for TSA pre board. Doofus!
  5. I wonder if I told my dogs goodbye in a way they did not feel like I was putting them up for adoption?
  6. Where is my lip balm
  7. Oh God where did my boarding pass go on my phone's screen? (Stupid Scruff)
  8. Stand up straight hold chest out there he is.
  9. LIP BALM???
  10. Please be on my flight...please be on my flight...please be on my flight.
  11. I love that mural! So pretty.
  12. I wonder how long it takes terrazzo floors to cure.
  13. Chest out. Smile.