Can't decide on a favorite restaurant but I have tons of fave meals
  1. Joan's on 3rd
    -Arugula salad: the amount of Parmesan cheese is BEYOND, but also that dressing is what I dream about; Caprese sandwich: the best Caprese sandwich in LA on ciabatta bread
  2. Lemonade
    Israeli Cous Cous salad- shoutout to my people 🇮🇱 the Parmesan cheese won me over; Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad- sweet and salty; Blood Orange Lemonade🍊🍋 I want this in an IV
  3. Sycamore Kitchen
    Gazpacho, Fried Egg Tartine- perf brunch meal, anything with a fried egg on it is bound to be good; chocolate hazelnut cookie- it's like Nutella in cookie form
  4. Grand Central Market
    Any pupusa from the pupusaria plus yucca fries and side of that spicy cabbage on top of pupusa; lemon blueberry, churro, and salted cookie sand cream from mcconnels- any flavor guaranteed to make you cry tears of joy
  5. Dupars