I'd hate being an astronaut. Especially one that has to go on long missions, because...
  1. I hate people
    And people generally have adverse opinions of me. So I'd be dead pretty soon.
  2. I like to eat
    Like, everything. You don't get fresh food on space missions.
  3. I hate being told when to exercise
    My muscles would all degenerate, and I wouldn't be able to walk. All because of sheer stubbornness.
  4. I get pretty bad vertigo
    While I'd be enjoying the view, I'd also be vomiting.
  5. I enjoy mocking people in high pressure situations
    Again, I'd be dead quite quickly.
  6. I would probably get bored and kill myself accidentally
    "What does this hatch do?"
  7. Gravity is nice
    I like being able to walk, breathe, and conduct my daily business in an Earthlike fashion.